Welcome ARCOS Dance

Experienced choreographers, instructors, and artistic directors Curtis Uhlemann and Erica Gionfriddo have launched a brand new contemporary dance company in Santa Fe this summer. Working on the business cards, blog, and writing and design of the first press release for ARCOS Dance has been a lot of fun. With my very first job out of college being marketing and PR at Alvin Ailey Dance Foundation in New York City, dance holds a special place in my heart and I couldn’t be happier to support this fabulous new company.

For the business card design, we started with the ARCOS Renaissance-inspired font and placed the signature ‘A’ alone on a vertical black card for an edgy, contemporary feel with a strong graphic presence. Jackie then added some distressing and scratches in the background of the card, and the coordinating stationery, to play off the lines found in the logo font as well as to reference the idea of movement and motion inherent to dance. Printing with spot-gloss on the ‘A’ only, the logo stands out subtle and sharp. For the back of the card, we continued the black, gray, and pale blue color scheme found on the company’s website and dramatic photos by Kate Russell, tying all their new materials together.

Be sure to check out our press release (excerpt below) and learn more about this awesome new dance company in Santa Fe! We’re looking forward to their first performance in October. Learn more at www.arcosdance.com.


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