Think Road Trip : Andice, TX

Last weekend I took a drive to escape the Austin city life about an hour north on the 183, to this dusty old town of Andice. I had torn out an Austin Chronicle write up about Andice over 6 months ago (read it here), and it had been sitting on our fridge, getting yellowed and ignored for other fantastic adventures. The article claimed that the Andice General Store, the only place left in the town (I checked, and that’s true), served Texas’ finest cheeseburgers. And that it was worth the drive just for lunch. So we went.

There is nothing much in Andice – or around Andice. It’s populated by the Baptist church (an old one-room white washed wooden steeple), the cemetery (about an acre square plot with one ancient Live Oak tree), and the Andice General Store (“a great place”).

Inside the General Store I found a surplus of rusty signs, gas cans, an old “Guess Your Weight” machine (that took our nickel), and a true soda fountain. Love the vibe of the old fonts with the natural aging tin.

And the cheeseburger was totally worth the trip.

Happy Travels!

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