The Human Geographic

The Human Geographic

This July I had the extreme adventure of working abroad and traveling around Nairobi, Kenya. My husband and I had planned the trip for over a year, but were unsure if we’d actually be allowed to go as the US had elevated Kenya to high risk for terrorist activity the month prior to our departure. We stood by monitoring the news, decided to risk it, and thankfully had not a single issue during our travels. For a month we lived and travelled with our dear friends Sam and Miranda Grant, who moved to Nairobi a year ago from Uganda to work in micro-finance and video journalism throughout the country.

Jackie Jones

Jackie manning the laptop on location from the coast of the Indian Ocean in Diani Beach, Kenya.

Miranda Grant

Miranda Grant filming on location outside of Nairobi, Kenya.

Our timing was beautiful, as we were in Kenya to witness the Great Migration in the Serengeti (more on that later), and I was able to work directly (face-to-face!) with Miranda on a collaborative project she’s created called The Human Geographic. It was a privilege for me to be on the ground floor of this grand idea- and to work with Miranda outside of Skype and email! The Human Geographic is an online quarterly magazine featuring stories, documentaries, and audio from a network of journalists around the world. Each issue revolves around a theme, and the inaugural issue, Miracles, launched November 15th.tHG Miracles Cover v

The Human Geographic Home page

The undertaking of such a project took many, many months of coordinating, developing, planning, researching, many dry-erase boards of infographics, navigation charts, and website programming. Miranda took this feat head-on, hoping to challenge the format in which we are now so used to receiving information, with a desire to present news and stories in a more beautiful and multi-sensory presentation. I feel grateful to have been a part of the project as design consultant, illustrator, and in help with programming the WordPress site for the main portion of The Human Geographic. The logo was designed by talented Australian designer Morgan Stokes, and our Think All Day programmer extraordinaire Susan Harkey also jumped onboard for help on some of the more difficult programming features – huge thanks to her as well!

The Human Geographic Tiles

Okay, so you’re intrigued, but what exactly is The Human Geographic? Well, jump on over and dive in! The main site is filled with stories and teasers (for free) from around the world which you can search by location on the global map. And the magazine is available for $4.99 and includes a full length feature documentary film, Static Miracles by Gabrielle Brady along with loads of other exclusive articles and stories related to Miracles. It’s one of those that you should enjoy with a hot cup of tea and a few hours to yourself.  The next issue, Hero, will be released in January and new stories are always rotating up on the website.

The Human Geographic Miracles

In this season of gratitude, I feel so much thanks for the wonderful people I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with on this project, for the experience of visiting (and falling in love with) Africa, and for my job at Think All Day for allowing me the flexibility to work from anywhere (as long as there is internet)!

May this find you filled with wanderlust and spark your sense of adventure!


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