Texture in Blooms

Warmed by Kristin’s sweet account of her holiday (and her gorgeous photos), I’ll try to follow up with an admission of a pattern I’ve found myself in. While amidst the first-of-the-year-traditional-computer-file-clean-up (such fun!) I have stumbled upon hundreds of photos I’ve taken over the years dedicated to flowers and plants. I can’t seem to keep them alive in real life, or remember to water them (although my air plant seems to be doing ok these days) but my eye is always caught by the simple and complex beauty that nature provides us. From texture of bark, to pops of color against a desert, to perseverance of life through seasons, to the natural composition given in a landscape at the right angle. Love. And so a shower of images titled not with their proper names (if I can barely keep them alive myself, how am I supposed to identify them?), rather they are named from the places where they existed to me. And as such; a journey through nature to a few of the wonderful places that I found myself existing in the past year of 2011…

Kirkwood, CA

Kirkwood, CA

Kirkwood, CA

Kirkwood, CA

Sydney, Australia

New South Wales, Australia

Chicago, IL

Austin, TX

Humboldt, CA

Topanga Canyon, CA

Santa Fe, NM

Bonita, CA

May this new year find us all devouring the natural beauty that surrounds us, and in constant pursuit of seeking it out.


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