Spring in the City

Kristin and I had the most wonderful opportunity to work with The Art Fair Company, Marilyn White Public Relations, and Barbara Smythe-Jones on last week’s SOFA NEW YORK art expo. The week was filled with art, outfits, galleries, designers, and the wonderful people mentioned above. The show was hosted in the Park Avenue Armory building, which holds its own magnificent history (built in 1861 as a military facility and a social club). Details like the permanently stopped Tiffany and Co. clock on the massively tall back wall greeted us each day as we prepared for the show.

The New York weather was certainly different from either Kristin’s Santa Fe windy dry spring, or my Austin 85 degree + humidity spring… totally spoiled, we endured the rain and wind and cold (50’s yeah, I know we are wimps). But in honor of Earth Day, and to properly represent our fantastic trip, I end this note with images of a few of the thousands of blooming yellow daffodils, cherry blossom trees, and boundless colors of tulips that are gracing the city tree boxes and parks this week.

Happy Earth Day!

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