Papyrus + Lotus Flower Perfume

fabric woven flowers, a gift from Kristin from Turkey
perfume bottles + vintage ceramics

sheets of papyrus paper

papyrus paper + lotus flower perfume

Golden tones and texture of original papyrus paper, paired with the soft sweet scent of pure lotus flower perfume in a delicate glass bottle. Gifts from my dad’s recent trip to Egypt. The bottle is a little wobbly, the label is on crooked, and the paper is uneven.

“A beautiful thing is never perfect.”
– Egyptian Proverb

Unlike the majority of perfumes available in the US that are cut with alcohol, this glass jar is just pure scent. If you can imagine catching the trail of a blooming jasmine bush near gardenias, that’s what I’m smelling right now. Soft, sweet, subtle. And I’m looking forward to putting ink to the papyrus paper – its heavy texture is surprisingly thin and although strong, a bit transparent when held to the light. Amazing to think of the tomes once written on this kind of ancient paper!


photos by Jackie McCormick

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