New Website Design and Branding for: Heidi Cost Photography

It takes a lot of vulnerability and self-motivation to publish your own creative work online, so we feel especially grateful when artists and creatives come to us as they are ready to take that very exciting step. Heidi Cost, co-owner of the beautiful Vista del Mar condos and hotels and the La Buena Vida restaurant and bar in Akumal, Mexico—we had the pleasure of creating the logo and website design for both—is also a very talented photographer. She was ready to showcase her photographs and create an identity that matched her personality and portfolio.

Having the opportunity to work with Heidi on several projects, Kristin and I already had a pretty good grasp on Heidi’s aesthetics. Heidi was attracted to incorporating hand-drawn elements into her logo and the mood of the site. We agreed! Pairing hand-drawn or painted components into a digital site creates an intimacy and humanity that matches perfectly with such a personal project as a photography portfolio.


Heidi Cost Photography



Using watercolor and ink, we tried several shapes and patterns for Heidi’s new logo. Ultimately, we decided on using the square, which we found mimicked the photograph tiles for the gallery nicely. The handwritten script has a loose, free feeling, much like the flow Heidi’s easygoing, traveling persona. Water blues and neutral tans and grays showcase, but don’t compete with, her beautiful photos on the site, and create a composed space where the viewer can feel as if the photographs are framed by the photographer’s own personality. The hand-drawn leaf garland offers a border and repetition, as well as a nod toward nature, which is a huge focus of Heidi’s works.





This site was built as a custom solution in the flexible platform, a fantastic fit for artists and photographers which allows them to add new work on their own with ease. We like the simplicity and clean interface of using Virb for portfolio projects like this one.




Heidi’s business cards were printed on thick white, woven cardstock and cut to a 2″ square. Congratulations on sharing your beautiful work with the world, Heidi! We look forward to viewing more of your adventures to come.

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Jackie & Kristin