Logo Design for: Bodes Mercantile

Bodes, a legendary mercantile in the Georgia O’Keefe red-rock country of Abiquiu, New Mexico, was ready to refresh their longstanding branding and logo design this year, after 94 years in business. We approached the project with the idea of maintaining the original vision of the vintage logo from 1919, while giving it a clean update and modern touch. Inspired by the old Standard Oil roadside signage shape and configuration, we worked to update the Bodes logo while keeping its roots in mind.


bodes-blog-inspirationTop left: Credit Sarah Karnasiewicz; Middle right: Georgia O’Keefe: Red Hills Beyond Abiquiu

Staying simple, the new design mimics an old farming label or badge, appropriate for this one-stop shop that sells everything from tractor parts to buffalo meat. We used Standard Oil and other vintage fuel signs as the basis for the shape and feel of the logo, keeping in mind that it will be used as a patch on hats and shirts, as well as on the website, outside signage, and paper marketing materials. A few of the first draft designs:


Ultimately we went with that famous O’Keefe country red found so gorgeously in the landscape, with gray/black accents. The chosen fonts are timeless in nature, and will age well, while the colors are easily interchangable for seasonal looks and the wide breadth of merchandise on offer should they choose.


We hope, like the store, that our new logo design will prove timeless…and be “here a long time.” Bodes is known for their excellent green chile burger- if you’re ever driving by, be sure to stop in!

– Kristin & Jackie

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