Images from a Happy Thanksgiving

How can you have a vegetarian Thanksgiving?  Well, let me show you.  Here’s a little photo essay of Thanksgiving at my house in Santa Fe.  Enjoy!

We were so lucky to host 12 wonderful friends for Thanksgiving, and 13 more for Thanksgiving Part Deux. It was a lot of cooking, laughing, eating, and drinking, with gorgeous weather and time outside on the portals and walking the dirt roads in the neighborhood. My husband and I even had time to go cut our Christmas tree over the weekend; it was perfect. I am so grateful for all the wonderful seasonal harvest and bounty that can (surprisingly to some!) be found at our plentiful Santa Fe Farmer’s Market and Co-Op. Everything seen here comes from the market, except the citrus. Grapefruits and clementines are my guilty out-of-state pleasure this time of year. There was also a lovely salad of winter greens, and steamed winter green beans, both delicious and eaten too quickly to be photographed.








IMG_8214 IMG_8181 IMG_8172 IMG_8170
IMG_3183-1 IMG_8163-1 IMG_8195-1 IMG_3176-1 IMG_1642

Best of all, I was able to greet Jackie at the charming (really!) old Lamy, NM train station when she arrived on the tracks from Los Angeles Thanksgiving day.

Wishes for a wonderful and happy holiday season filled with family and friends!


Photos (and cooking!)* by Kristin Carlson

*My fabulous husband also helped me with making the food.  (And, he snuck in baking a roasted chicken for himself.)











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