Detailed Information Opens Today at Mindy Solomon Gallery!

We are so thrilled to newly be working with the Mindy Solomon Gallery in St. Petersburg, Florida, on their graphic design, website, and PR needs.  We’ve been fortunate to get to know Mindy in personand see her exciting, edgy curatorial style in contemporary painting, photography, and ceramics first-handthrough our public relations work with the Sculpture Objects and Functional Art Fairs (SOFA) in New York City, Chicago, and Santa Fe these past three years.  This ambitious gallery hosts a tireless schedule of new shows at their location every six weeks, and participates in art fairs like SOFA across the US and internationally almost every month.

Saturday, May 26th, from 6-8:30pm, the gallery presents an opening reception of innovative new works in downtown St. Petersburg.  ‘Detailed Information‘  focuses on a group of artists whose work is minutely crafted to exacting detail, through surface completion, historical reference, and meticulous narrative content. Artists on view include Marc Burckhardt, John Byrd, Kate MacDowell, Christopher Torrez, Carrie Ann Baade, and Wookjae Maeng.  If you live in the area, be sure to stop by at 124 2nd Avenue Northeast for a look.  And, don’t miss the Artist Talk with Carrie Ann Baade Sunday, May 27th, from 1-2pm (RSVP to for tomorrow’s Q&A).

Get out there and see some great art this Memorial Day weekend before you hit the beach!
Kristin + Jackie
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