David Richard Gallery : Website Design

We are very happy to share our design work for David Richard Gallery’s new website!  An amazing fine art gallery here in Santa Fe, David Richard specializes in post-war American abstract art with a special focus on the 1950s to 1980s.  They also show incredible geometric, gestural, and minimal abstract works in media ranging from painting to glass and metal to video installation, historic to contemporary, from both coasts of the U.S.  
Working directly with David, Richard, and the Artwork Manager CMS tool, this project was an extensive design, navigation, and organizational overhaul of the gallery’s site. With a vast and ever-changing database of artists and events, the site needed to remain efficiently structured with easy navigation and clean presentation of artworks.  Going into DRG’s physical gallery space, I am always impressed by the curating and mounting of the exhibitions, and drawn in by the bold color palettes and graphic compositions of the art.  It was important in redesigning the website to acknowledge those same qualities in our treatment of the DRG brand: a bold and simple graphic style, impactful geometries, and varied yet cohesive elements.

The new site also features image slideshows, ‘art-over’ scrolling image previews, multi-level navigation, and dynamic catalog viewers. All of these elements can be updated and maintained by gallery staff directly through their CMS editing tool, continually keeping the site up to date with their latest news, exhibitions, and images.  And, it was a pleasure for us to look at such beautiful images of represented artists’ works again and again throughout the planning process!

A very big thank you to David and Richard for jumping into this big project with both feet.  Also, congratulations are in order as the gallery expands from its lovely downtown location on Lincoln Avenue to the two-time architectural award winning 544 South Guadalupe St. space in Santa Fe’s burgeoning Railyard District.  The largest gallery space in both the Railyard and Canyon Rd. art districts, the May 2012 move promises to be truly exciting for DRG and our community alike.  

We always enjoy seeing this dynamic duo around town and at their openings in Santa Fe, as well as in more national art fairs than you can count!  Be sure to browse through their new site here.  Read more about this and other website projects in the THINK Portfolio.


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