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Rehearsal With: ARCOS Dance

I am extremely excited to share some sneak-peek photos of our PR client ARCOS Dance‘s newest choreography.  In just three days, the company is premiering its new work ‘The March,’ set to Joseph-Maurice Ravel’s infamous militant orchestral composition ‘Bolero‘ (1928).  The ARCOS dancers amaze me every time I see them, and their rehearsal this past weekend was certainly no exception.  Athletic partnering, high-energy movement reminiscent of toy soldiers and prancing horses, and whirlwind saber-spinning by three male dancers of ten-time world champions The Cadets Drum & Bugle Corps fill this new piece to the brim.  It’s the definition of boundless energy, truly.

Here are a few of my favorite images from the night; I cannot wait to see the full performance this weekend with all the hats and feathers, bells and whistles (and swords!).  Shows take place October 26-28 at NDI New Mexico Dance Barns in Santa Fe—co-sponsors of this event—at 7:30pm Friday and Saturday and 2pm on Sunday. Tickets range from $10-$20. Call 505-473-7434 for reservations.

For details, ticket prices, and more about ARCOS Dance’s Fall Repertory concert read THINK’s press release about the show >> 

Isn’t that death-defying backbend jump by Erica, Aurelie, and Kaitlin incredible?  If only I could do that.


Photos by Kristin Carlson

Studio Visit with Artist Bart Johnson

I was lucky enough to make the short drive south from Santa Fe to do a studio visit this month with Bernalillo-based artist Bart Johnson, on behalf of our client Mindy Solomon Gallery.  His show “The Work of Bart Johnson: Inside the Labyrinth” opens at the gallery November 10th through December 15th in St. Petersburg, Florida.

I’m blogging about my meeting with Bart over at Mindy Solomon today; have a look and get a sneak peek at some of his newest works!

Here’s a short excerpt from my write-up:

“Bart Johnson wants to give people something they can’t see in the real world.  His small-scale compositions consist of fluid, undulating, and seemingly infinite arrangements of imagined figures.  Upon each new look, the viewer is bound to discover additional bodies, forms, and features at first unseen.  As he paints each piece, Johnson illustrates a labyrinth of both life and fancy…”

Keep reading >>

Florida friends, don’t miss the Opening Night Reception Saturday, November 10th, during the Second Saturday Art Walk in downtown St. Pete from 6-8:30pm.


Photos by Kristin Carlson

Rock Out for Summer: Don’t Miss ARCOS Dance Live Music Collaboration in Santa Fe This Weekend!

Enjoy these behind-the-scenes shots from rehearsal with our PR client the amazing and athletic ARCOS Dance, for their upcoming Live Music Collaboration happening this weekend in Santa Fe!

Their first annual live music collaboration, performances take place June 8th, 9th, and 10th at the MPD Performance Space at 1583 Pacheco St. in Santa Fe, 7:30pm Friday and Saturday and 2pm Sunday. Featuring local musicians Andrew Primm on percussion, Karles McQuade and Karina Wilson on strings, and Wes Jansen and Emily Silks [Los Alamos] on piano, the evening includes brand-new co-choreography by ARCOS Directors Curtis Uhlemann and Erica Gionfriddo. “We’re getting the musicians right out on the floor with the dancers, and really melding the two worlds,” said Gionfriddo.

Dancers and musicians alike are buzzing with excitement for the athletic, aggressive, and daring ‘46 Thousand,’ choreographed on, around, and on top of construction scaffolding and set only to live percussion and the sounds of performers jumping and breathing. “This number is really rock: dark, mysterious, and dangerous,” said Primm, who will be suspended above the ‘danger zone’ with his drum kit, while the scaffolding below is engulfed by a storm of nine dancers whirling around poles and vaulting up and over shelving.

A live string quartet including McQuade and Wilson will weave a rich, recognizable musical background with Johann Sebastian Bach’s most famous work of the late Baroque period, ‘Concerto for Two Violins in D Minor’ (c. 1730) for ‘She, Extracted.’ The expressive relationship between the instruments in this piece is further enhanced by the staging: a visually graphic floorplan of three sections in three colors, which reflects the structure of the score.

Two musicians will also be highlighted on piano. Emily Silks’s original composition, ‘Still,’ is a haunting, melodic piece created specially for this ARCOS Dance production. A nine-minute solo and duet, ‘In Stillness’ calls on strong emotions; her first composition for dance, Silks collaborated closely with Gionfriddo as the two produced music and choreography simultaneously. Wes Jansen, who is also an ARCOS dancer, will play Philip Glass’s ‘Metamorphosis Two’ as a solo for Artistic Director Uhlemann’s ‘One of Five.’  $20 adults, $15 students. And, ‘Student Sunday’ all students admitted for just $10! 


Read the full press release here >>


Detailed Information Opens Today at Mindy Solomon Gallery!

We are so thrilled to newly be working with the Mindy Solomon Gallery in St. Petersburg, Florida, on their graphic design, website, and PR needs.  We’ve been fortunate to get to know Mindy in personand see her exciting, edgy curatorial style in contemporary painting, photography, and ceramics first-handthrough our public relations work with the Sculpture Objects and Functional Art Fairs (SOFA) in New York City, Chicago, and Santa Fe these past three years.  This ambitious gallery hosts a tireless schedule of new shows at their location every six weeks, and participates in art fairs like SOFA across the US and internationally almost every month.

Saturday, May 26th, from 6-8:30pm, the gallery presents an opening reception of innovative new works in downtown St. Petersburg.  ‘Detailed Information‘  focuses on a group of artists whose work is minutely crafted to exacting detail, through surface completion, historical reference, and meticulous narrative content. Artists on view include Marc Burckhardt, John Byrd, Kate MacDowell, Christopher Torrez, Carrie Ann Baade, and Wookjae Maeng.  If you live in the area, be sure to stop by at 124 2nd Avenue Northeast for a look.  And, don’t miss the Artist Talk with Carrie Ann Baade Sunday, May 27th, from 1-2pm (RSVP to for tomorrow’s Q&A).

Get out there and see some great art this Memorial Day weekend before you hit the beach!
Kristin + Jackie
Postcard design by THINK Creative (That’s us!)

15 Mind Blowing Works of Art at 15th Sculpture Objects and Functional Art Fair NYC

We had the pleasure of working on PR for the 15th Annual Sculpture Objects and Functional Art Fair in New York City again this April.  Here are a few of the highlights spied on the show floor:
1. Space-age tunnel entrance and floating lights by artchitect David Ling, as featured in The Wall Street Journal.
2. Get dirty with Joe Mangrum’s live, interactive installations of dust, ash, sand and paint at the Museum of Arts and Design’s special exhibit
3. Trip out with futuristic black chrome in Philipp Aduatz’s ‘Melting Chair’ at Wexler Gallery (and meet the artist!)
4. Try on a funky pig’s head brooch and 8-food python necklace by David Bielander at Ornamentum.
5. Twilight zone at Berengo Studios 1989 with Michael Petry’s fantastical, “creepy” biomorphic blown glass.
6. Puzzled? An 18k gold ring that folds into a 3-dimensional cube by Glampaolo Babetto at NEXXTT 20.
7. Smash up with ceramicist and Anthropologie designer Molly Hatch at COVET, a Ferrin/Sienna Gallery collaboration.
8. Go big! Stand eye-to-eye with a larger-than-life 5 1/2 foot bronze colt by Joe Fafard at Darrell Bell Gallery.
9. Trending at SOFA, impossibly folded and molded earthenware at J. Lohmann Gallery and flow. 
10. Heavy, man: And unbelievable 40 pounds of pure silver, Thalen and Thalen’s ‘Windy City Bowl.’
11. Rock solid: Expect the unexpected at browngrotta: bark tied with string, a 3 1/2 foot jute sculpture here from Japan, a ‘painting’ made of nothing but rocks.
12. Myth and fantasy at Scott Jacobson Gallery with Tommy Simpson’s zany Seuss-like furniture.
13. Stumped: books made of wood, pages without words by Christian Burchard at Sarah Myerscough Fine Art.
14. Visit London’s hippest new ‘pot dealers’ Erskine Hall & Coe, showing Shozo Michikawa’s latest works. 
15. Cutting-edge Clea Carlsen presents ultramodern large, fast high-fire portrayals of women: haunting, “beautiful and ugly…terribly imperfect” at Jane Sauer Gallery.

The show was a smashing success! To check out Opening Night photos and press coverage of the fair, visit SOFA New York. Next up: SOFA WEST: Santa Fe at the Santa Fe Convention Center, August 2-5!  Make sure to stop by and say hello.

-Kristin and Jackie