It’s not often that you have the opportunity to meet someone who you can work and play well with – I feel very fortunate to have found both a colleague and a good friend in Kristin. Since meeting in the summer of 2006 and working together on various projects since, I’ve lived in Santa Fe for two years (where Think is based and running smooth as ever thanks to Kristin’s diligence and hard work), Austin for three years, and as recent as three weeks ago, Los Angeles.

Welcome to my new LA home.
Technology, relationships, and the way business works these days, I’m even more fortunate to have the opportunity of working remotely. It’s really one of those mixed blessings – you have days where you are starving for that work environment community, and others where you really cherish the fact that your time is really that – yours. Thanks to working with Kristin, my recent move (for a boy, yes) has been really so easy to adapt to, knowing that in a city of traffic-moviestars-mountains-beaches-and-angels, I have one constant: work. And I do love to work. Because it is good work, the work that makes people happy and excited and helps them see their dream-project-work come to life with visual storytelling and an actual tangible paper design or business card or invitation. It’s creative problem solving everyday, and it’s always surrounding me – inspiration for a project in a song, billboard, graffiti, garden, junk mail (no not really, I hate junk mail just like everyone else). And there’s nothing like starting fresh in a new environment to kick start the senses and fill in the ruts with new thoughts colors and ideas. 

Some palm tree lined streets per Kristin’s request. 
As any move goes, it’s a bit overwhelming as I venture out to my few routes (I’m horrible with directions to begin with, don’t even get me started on LA freeways) and then come home safely and as quick as possible with a wave of relief and triumph. I’ve tried to document a few of my recent visual stimuli (without crashing my car or being looked at as a creeper), and share with you a little bit of California summer sunshine. 
Topanga Canyon 6 mile hike at sunset.
Beautiful little desert scrub flowers.
Since attending the University of San Diego, Dr. Seuss-looking trees are always a nod
to my Cali roots (his hometown was La Jolla) and make me feel more at home.
Andy (my reason for moving to LA) and me overlooking the Pacific.
Topanga Canyon mountain shadows, Catalina Island just past the fog.
Little taste of the trendy Sunset Strip.
I do love a good mural.
My favorite building en route to my grocery store.
 I swear that’s where they filmed Empire Records- anyone? 
I love a good flyer, and well-stapled posts.
Love how they word collage-d their storefront window.
This is not me. But believe it or not, this woman was at least 80 years old. No joke. 
A bit of a change up from the deep Texas roots of music concerts and dusty town adventures, but of all cities to have the chance to try out for a bit, LA is one of those flavorful life experiences and I mean to make it a full one. 
Warm hellos from the sunny west coast!

ps – I also blog (and work) with the jewelry design company Awaiting Alice. You can find me and more views of my new California casita here

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