Break it Down: Aspen Viewing in Santa Fe

For one or two wondrous October weekends every year, we glimpse a waving honey-colored ocean from the high desert peaks of Santa Fe. This drive up the ski basin, and the journey’s vistas, are a fall classic.  Break it down with clear blue skies, gold and copper leaves, pinkly peeling bark and sandy soil, and the jade needles of the forest’s pines.


Come, said the wind to
the leaves one day.
Come, o’er the meadows
and we shall play.
Put on your dresses,
scarlet and gold,
For summer is gone
and the days grow cold.
-Children’s Song/1880s

Did you know that the Fall Scenic Chairlift runs for aspen viewing in Santa Fe?  First and second weekends of October (dogs not allowed on ski lift FYI*).


*My dog is attached to the convertible with a doggie seatbelt in the above photo; never fear.


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