15 Mind Blowing Works of Art at 15th Sculpture Objects and Functional Art Fair NYC

We had the pleasure of working on PR for the 15th Annual Sculpture Objects and Functional Art Fair in New York City again this April.  Here are a few of the highlights spied on the show floor:
1. Space-age tunnel entrance and floating lights by artchitect David Ling, as featured in The Wall Street Journal.
2. Get dirty with Joe Mangrum’s live, interactive installations of dust, ash, sand and paint at the Museum of Arts and Design’s special exhibit
3. Trip out with futuristic black chrome in Philipp Aduatz’s ‘Melting Chair’ at Wexler Gallery (and meet the artist!)
4. Try on a funky pig’s head brooch and 8-food python necklace by David Bielander at Ornamentum.
5. Twilight zone at Berengo Studios 1989 with Michael Petry’s fantastical, “creepy” biomorphic blown glass.
6. Puzzled? An 18k gold ring that folds into a 3-dimensional cube by Glampaolo Babetto at NEXXTT 20.
7. Smash up with ceramicist and Anthropologie designer Molly Hatch at COVET, a Ferrin/Sienna Gallery collaboration.
8. Go big! Stand eye-to-eye with a larger-than-life 5 1/2 foot bronze colt by Joe Fafard at Darrell Bell Gallery.
9. Trending at SOFA, impossibly folded and molded earthenware at J. Lohmann Gallery and flow. 
10. Heavy, man: And unbelievable 40 pounds of pure silver, Thalen and Thalen’s ‘Windy City Bowl.’
11. Rock solid: Expect the unexpected at browngrotta: bark tied with string, a 3 1/2 foot jute sculpture here from Japan, a ‘painting’ made of nothing but rocks.
12. Myth and fantasy at Scott Jacobson Gallery with Tommy Simpson’s zany Seuss-like furniture.
13. Stumped: books made of wood, pages without words by Christian Burchard at Sarah Myerscough Fine Art.
14. Visit London’s hippest new ‘pot dealers’ Erskine Hall & Coe, showing Shozo Michikawa’s latest works. 
15. Cutting-edge Clea Carlsen presents ultramodern large, fast high-fire portrayals of women: haunting, “beautiful and ugly…terribly imperfect” at Jane Sauer Gallery.

The show was a smashing success! To check out Opening Night photos and press coverage of the fair, visit SOFA New York. Next up: SOFA WEST: Santa Fe at the Santa Fe Convention Center, August 2-5!  Make sure to stop by and say hello.

-Kristin and Jackie

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